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Let's take a trip to North Kalimantan!

Iraw Tengkayu is a hereditary ceremony performed by the Tidung tribe community, Tarakan City, North Kalimantan Province. Iraw Tengkayu itself has two meanings of words taken from the Tidung language.

Iraw which means celebration or party, while Tengkayu is a small island surrounded by the sea, what is meant here is the small island of Tarakan Island.

The core of this festival is the traditional ritual of Padaw Tuju Dulung Parade, an ornamental boat paraded into the middle of the sea on the Amal Coast. Padaw Tuju Dulung has a total of 7 directions.

This number 7 represents the number of days in a week used as a symbol of the journey of human life that repeats every day once a week.

Let's schedule your vacation to Tarakan City on 21-22 December 2019.

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