Use of Gas City Tarakan Calculated From July 20, 2011

TARAKAN - Regional Enterprise (Perusda) Tarakan also entrusted to manage the network of natural gas (gas in) households City of Tarakan. For gas networks in, Perusda Tarakan has done splicing gas flow in the 1702 tanggga house connections, household connections from 3366 that targeted urban village that is mounted on two, Reef Flip and Sebengkok.

"Until this July we have pairs of switching the flow of these gases to the 1702 household connections was 50.26 percent tangga.Berarti we did the installation of house connections tanggga 3366 that gas will flow in," said Director of Perusda Tarakan, Tigor Nainggolan, Wednesday (6 / 7 / 2011) in Media Center Office of Communications and Information (Diskominfo) City of Tarakan.

Tigor revealed his plans in August 3366 it targets all of them have household connections in dialirakan gas. "We hope that this target we could do. The reason for connecting the gas flow must also be supported by the homeowner. This means that homeowners should soon have a gas stove. If there has been no gas stove, how do we want to circulate the gas in," he said.

On payment of the gas in, said Tigor, it would account for gas consumption to begin July 20, 2011. So new users will be billed gas in its gas usage next August. As for the made free use of this June.

Writer: Junisah
Editor: Fransina

Sources: tribunnews.com (July 6, 2011)
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