Two Thousand Tarakan Students from Poor Families Will Receive Assistance

TARAKAN - Until yesterday (11 / 7), the Education Office at Tarakan recorded around 2 thousand students are not able to be registered as beneficiaries of education budget this year the City Government of Tarakan.

Head of Education City of Tarakan, Sudirman said the aid is earmarked for private school students are constrained costs while emphasizing that all parents send their children.

"All the compulsory school child, there should be no school because this is not the mandate of the law," said Head of Education City of Tarakan, yesterday (11 / 7).

Compulsory school, said Sudirman, affirmed by the City Government of Tarakan menggelotorkan budget of around Rp 4 billion more to ease the burden on parents are less capable. "This budget is still far from expectations of parents, but this is the hard work of the government," he said.

Although still considered to be less, but the BOS (School Operational Cost), continued Sudirman, also helped finance school students can not afford. "This grant amount is less, but that plus the BOS funds, could be also," explained the former head of SMA 1 Tarakan this.

Sudirman also explained, channeling this assistance in accordance with the level of the students lived and intended for students who sit in private schools.

"The country's already free, so no longer need, a private residence," he said.

How can these students are unable to get listed? Concerned enough to report to the school concerned. In fact, being prepared is not too burdensome by bringing evidence that the parent is incapacitated and the child's testimony is truly a child of the residents can not afford it. "Just bring SKTM (Certificate Disadvantaged) of the village and family cards (KK) submit to the school and the school handed over to us, why not complicated, easy," said Radar Tarakan Sudirman told yesterday (11 / 7). "This budget is calculated starting next August," he said. (Nat)

Sources: (July 12, 2011)
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