Two Economic Potential in Tarakan Start Down

TARAKAN - Currently, the economic sectors that are excellent promotion of economic growth in Tarakan, occupied by trade, hotels, and restaurants. According to an economist from the University of Borneo Tarakan, Margiyono SE MSi. But is thought to have reached the position of full employment (the maximum point), so the City Government of Tarakan need to innovate in order to avoid a decrease (Decreasing).

Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Service Tarakan UB reveals, timber and fisheries sectors that were previously just wheel Tarakan economy, this year's fall. Decreasing the potential for the wood sector is characterized by labor requirements on timber companies such as PT. Intracawood Manufacturing, and PT Idec Abadi Wood Industries began to decrease.

"From the research, the need for manpower in the company is not experiencing the addition of wood. What happens turn over, just exit and enter. And that's the amount of labor out more while entering less. These signs bahwal wood sector began to decline, "explained Margiyono.

Similarly, the fisheries sector, although Tarakan as previously claimed archipelagic region is rich in seafood. Ponds that are gerografis located almost in the coastal island of Tarakan, is considered to be not as productive as before.

"Pond we have not really produce, market absorption is not too high. So these two sectors (wood and fishery) Decreasing experiencing full employment potential, "he told Radar Tarakan.

"If theoretically, the maximum position must be answered by the regional innovation. One of them, if we're talking how to increase exports through the primary goods through ports, which export goods shipped to countries outside of this processing should be in Tarakan, "continued the lecturer in economics and agribusiness UB this Tarakan.

Possible when there is the management of the sector such as oil palm plantation, namely infrastructure necessary fittings manufacturing or processing industries in Tarakan. Becomes an absolute necessity if there is regional cooperation Tarakan and surrounding regions. Manufacturing in Tarakan, while other northern regions supplying raw materials.

"Tarakan must provide the infrastructure for entrepreneurs to choose Tarakan stimulus as an industrial site. Good transport infrastructure, communications and energy. If all this just to sell products of primary and semi-finished goods, employment is only up to the second level of economic activity. It is necessary to end the process, to packaging and shipping, "he explained.

"It's become an alternative position to face the maximum rate of other sectors. On one other hand increasing the value-added products if sold abroad, its impact on improving employment and welfare of the communities will be significant, "concluded Margiyono. (DTA)

Sources: (June 30, 2011)
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