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Tarakan Perusda Amit Can Setor USD 100 Million, Still Managed Third Parties

Port Management tug Tengkayu Tarakan

Tarakan Perusda most industrious want to manage inter-district in the northern port of this Kaltim. It is believed, the honey from the port management is quite tempting. During this, the third party in this case the manager CV Camfilo, deposit $ 25 million per month to the local administration. That's according to employment contract. But Perusda sure, the rate of revenue (PAD) which can be paid to the clerk, if Perusda who manage to reach USD 100 million.

Mayor of Tarakan H Udin Hianggio himself seems to not want to rush "tempted" by the offer Perusda.

"If we can improve it better (the revenue from Tengkayu I). Indeed Perusda say can be USD 100 million, but this is not the primary purpose of government. The important inter-island transportation service is not disrupted. Well then if the government had handed over to Perusda, it must be proven. Not just good service, "said Udin.

Former chairman of the DPRD Tarakan said, port management Tengkayu I currently still entrusted to third parties by the government of Tarakan town as the owner of the asset. But his plan in 2012, these assets will be taken over again and then will be submitted to Perusda to manage it. "Now the government took over, but cooperation is still built with the management of CV Camfilo. If we take over so quickly without any preparation, the service will be disrupted. So we are still entrusted to third parties, "he said.

It said the mayor also, port management has not been handed over government to Perusda Tarakan. So it is still a government authority in locate the bad management. "The contract with this company was built Perusda. But it's wrong, because there is no transfer of assets from the government to Perusda. So ended June 30, then if follows Perusda agreement, "he explained.

As long as management is entrusted to a third party, the current city government was formed internal team to inventory the assets of the government in the port. The team will also assess the value of funds that deserve to go to the local treasury.

The mayor recalled, the reason the management transferred to third parties in 2004, because at the time the service was chaotic. Because itupulalah mayor does not want to just because of this transition inter-island transport services in northern East Kalimantan is again disrupted.

Separately, members of the Commission II DPRD Tarakan, Shamsuddin Arfah admitted up to now Parliament has not received confirmation of the continuation of local government management of the Port Tengkayu I, assigned to the contractual continued Perusda or third parties. "If it talks about the plan Perusda we've ever done, but follow-up commission II was not finished. As step what to do with the assets managed by third parties. Confirmation of the continuation of the management Tengkayu I of the local government also does not exist, the statement is still a lot has changed, "said Shamsuddin.

MCC-up politicians, a few days ago when the Parliament discussed the draft-KUA PPAS (General Policy and Budget Priorities Budget Ceiling Provisional), an important post Tarakan informed that PAD is reduced from a planned target of about Rp 91 billion. "Why be reduced? Much can be done, one of our many assets managed third party, "he said.

Special management of the Port Tengkayu I, justified in the management contract period had expired Camfilo namely CV. Strictly speaking, all parties are entitled to continue the management, but its contribution should be clear to the regions. More importantly, fairness and transparency should be prioritized in the determination of its management side. "The board obviously must be involved in the determination of government asset management policy. Because no control rights and the right budget there. Especially talking about public assets. Terdongkraknya policy should lead to PAD, the way he raises through contributions, "he explained.

Any appropriate mechanism, transition management or contract extension even though only up to 1-2 months, the government needs to look at the rules and mechanisms that exist. If the contract renewal in the applicable rules and mechanisms required to do the tender, it must be fulfilled. "Tender, indicating the importance of the principles of transparency and fairness. All parties would like to manage, including Perusda. If it does not fit the mechanism, there will be differences that could lead to unrest. But if the rule, the extension of the contract without tender is allowed, there should be a shared understanding between the parliaments, governments and stakeholders, "he said.

Director Perusda Tarakan Tigor Nainggolan confirmed previously said did not mind if the assets are still managed third party. "Anyone who does not mind our governance, because Perusda had never received a warrant to manage the port it," said Tigor Nainggolan. While Director of the CV Camfilo, Hamzah aka Budi not be found. (DTA / ash)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id

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