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Luckily the heavy rain yesterday morning, there has been no reported incidents of landslides. Still, until recently the utilization of monitoring the activity of the hillside to the attention of Tarakan City Government. Mainly located in landslide-prone areas such as Kampung Bugis, persekitaran South Mountain and others. In addition to preventive and conservative, the municipal government will also legitimize the tightening of land use on the hillsides of the activities that alter the topography so that it becomes prone to landslides over the drafting of local regulations (Perda) the use of hillside land.

"Consideration of us, with increasing population growth in Tarakan, did not rule out going to a lot of vacant land used for residential or so. From that, we should monitor and prevent the use of vacant land on the hillside of the main activities such as excessive settlement and other development, "explained Suhardjo.

Confirmed separately, to address the problem of flooding in the town of Tarakan, according to Head of Irrigation and Water Resources Department of Public Works and Spatial City of Tarakan, Ir H Said Abdul Chaier MT, need to be planning an evaluation study of existing drainage channels in this city.

While the cause is still flooding, he said due to several factors. One of these programs and activities to increase the channel or river with a couple unfinished construction was carried out from upstream to downstream and vice versa.

In addition, he said, was the presence of buildings on the banks of a narrow channel or river channel cross-section that serves as a channel waster.

"As well as piles of rubbish in sendimentasi and channels that lead to blockage of the channels that lead to decrease the flow on that channel," said Said Abdul Chaier to Radar Tarakan yesterday (30 / 6).

For example, he continued, development implementation and maintenance of channels and drainage systems in areas such as dense settlements in the Village of Karang Anyar often experience various obstacles. Constraints that include lack of land for development and improvement of channels and drainage system so that technical difficulties arise in the maintenance of the channel because the top of the channel was closed by the building.

"So for the dredging, normalization can not be implemented throughout the existing system," he said.

Because it says Said Abdul Chaier, or existing drainage channels or the pristine nature of its construction should be improved, including wet cross-sectional area enlarged by widening, deepening the channel so that the wet cross-section that is expected according to the flood discharge plan.

The basis of how their management strategies? Explained the former Head of Spatial DPUTR this Tarakan, is necessary to improve the natural capacity for sustainability should be maintained such as reforestation, making biofori in each vacant land around the house open land.

"Meanwhile, to solve the problem of flooding due to drainage problems and the channel needs to be modified, the rehabilitation of the network or even a new system of planning and development of existing systems or design changes to the drainage system as a whole," he explained to reporters of this newspaper.

But these steps are said to Said, is still constrained some of the things that most have yet to be done. One obstacle is due in part to the community is reluctant to release land or buildings affected by development activities and improvement of flood control channels based on the program.

"Social issues or land acquisition and building on the banks of the river became the main obstacle in solving this problem. Followed by the limited funds from the municipal government for the maintenance of drainage channels and urban, "he said.

Not only that, the channel or drainage systems often do not function optimally due to the construction of other infrastructure such as the presence of pipes and cables. "And the silt and debris often accumulate in drainage channels, causing blockage or decrease the flow," he said.

For that, he hopes in order to succeed the programs and activities of flood prevention efforts in this city, must be supported by all levels of society and the government to conduct activities in an integrated manner. SKPD which related to solve this problem other than PU? "Bappeda, BPLH, Dishutamben, DKPP, DP2KA, the Legal Department, The Government, Lands, District and Village," he replied.

Is still said to Sayid Abdul Chaeir to address flooding problems need careful planning and a comprehensive action if carried out throughout the entire SKPD related. "Personally I want a free Tarakan in 2015 flood. With a record supported by all agencies and officials in terms of realizing all the activities that we propose, "he said.

By giving a deadline, he said, inevitably this is going to spur the parties involved to resolve issues that continue to this happening.

"This year, we had planned flooding problems in the village Reef Back. While no land acquisition is still growing, the budget was approximately USD 2.5 billion through Tarakan City budget. Karang Anyar we predicted need an additional Rp 40 billion out of the land acquisition, "bebenya.

Then what about other areas? He said that, in addition to the village Coral Behind, this year also it has mewacanakan project to address the issue with flooding in the village of Six.

"There are two incoming packets, the same type of work that is widened and didalamkan. When it was over, at least 40-50 percent can reduce flooding problems in this city, "said he.

Sebengkok villages in the region, he added, the plan has been launched in the year 2010. However, for its realization is still awaiting funding from the state budget the City Government of Tarakan has proposed Rp 25 billion.

For in some way which is also a subscription Mulawarman affected by flooding, he added, until now it has not been able to do much because of social issues remains constrained. "There's a little funding, but can not be done because there is still no land to grow, building homes that are still part of local communities are reluctant to move or be replaced with values ​​that do not fit what they want," he said.

He explained that the change of crops and building standards must follow government regulations that have been determined not to follow market prices as desired by the local community. (Ndy / sur)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 1, 2011)
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