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Agency and Agency Will Form New

TARAKAN - Today the government of Tarakan, Tarakan Setkot through the Organization section along Revenue Service, Treasury and Asset Management (DP2KA) is conducting an academic study and other form of data collection for academic study and the results will be used as a valid legal product plans related to solving DP2KA two SKPD, to be submitted to parliament. Said Head of the Organization Setkot Ardiansyah Tarakan, a preliminary description of the plan DP2KA solution is based on the amount of responsibility that must be played this SKPD in 2013. Well, for the sake of simplicity the municipal government took the initiative to solve the tasks and functions of finance and asset management in two SKPD. "It should be known, in 2013 a number of potential tax will be managed DP2KA, including land and building tax (PBB) and the duty of acquiring land rights and buildings (BPHTB)," said Ardiansyah encountered Radar Tarakan Tarakan in the Mayor's office, recently .

In order for the management of tax potential was more optimal, then it is a necessity formed a special SKPD membidanginya. "It could be shaped Revenue (Department of Revenue) or other terms as applied in Jakarta and Balikpapan," complete man who had served the West Head Tarakan. The target is to increase revenue (PAD) City of Tarakan. "It could be IRS and levies, as well as for finance and assets could Agency Finance and Asset Management," he added.

Related to the implementation of academic study, said Ardiansyah, there it also addresses a number of fields in each SKPD and the workload that will embrace. Of course, tailored to the ability of local budgets. "Previously, we have proposed this solution also to the Parliament. But rejected, because there has been no recommendation from the Provincial and contrary to the nature of PP 41/2007. Now, the recommendations already exist and are justified by PP 41/2007 contained in the amendments, "he said.

In fact, if the filing of this time Parliament approved the City of Tarakan Tarakan have preceded changes in the content of PP 41/2007. "HR (human resources) we are many, and was ready. From it, as dictated by the mayor, the faster is realized, the better, "he said. To note, the current number of 52 SKPD Tarakan (including administrative), if the resolution approved by Parliament and endorsed DP2KA budgeting the amount in Tarakan SKPD to 53 units. (Ndy)

Sources: (July 11, 2011)
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