Soldiers Kodim 0907 Invited Tarakan Utilizing time

TARAKAN - Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) KH Zainuddin Dalila Tarakan City reminds all soldiers in the Kodim 0907 Tarakan being grateful for the gift of time and could use the time from Allah SWT. The reason, many people who get the chance but not bothered.

"There were people who wanted to took time, but had no chance," said Zainuddin in tausiyah Isra Mi'raj in Kodim 0907 Tarakan, yesterday.

But there are more people who have a chance but not bothered. "If we took no chances and could, it's incredible," he said.

According to Zainuddin, at least there are two things that caused the man to always be grateful. That is because it has health and longevity. As an illustration, Zainuddin pointed out that Dalila was a great scholar like Zainuddin MZ can be called Allah in a state khusnul khatimah. "At first I thought the people who are dead," joked Zainuddin Dalila. "Long live and healthy, that's what we deliver. But keep in mind, and healthy longevity is not one package. There are times when people live longer but not healthy, or healthy people but not longevity. Not always healthy people is always a long life, not necessarily. But if we live longer and healthier, but are not used to do good, we will surely lose. Because time has passed will never come back, "said Zainuddin in a lecture with the theme of the wisdom of the warning the prophet Muhammad SAW Isra Mi'raj be solidified faith and devotion to God Almighty as the moral foundation of soldiers Sapta Marga.

0907 Tarakan commander Lt. Col. Arm Kaharuddin Andi said, warning Isra Mi'raj is a must to be implemented Muslims dijajaran kodam Mulawarman VI. "All the agencies and units that exist in the ranks Kodam VI Mulawarman also perform the same activities.

Isra Mi'raj implementation aims to increase faith and piety because it is the most important things we as a form of moral communication in carrying out their duties responsibly, "said Andi.

The reason, Andi continued, soldiers are still many activities that are inconsistent with the rules applicable in both military and religious rule. For that, he hopes that the wisdom of Isra Mi'raj was expected to be applied in everyday life. (Ddq)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 7, 2011)
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