Since Managed Perusda, Patra And Pensions Market Increased turnover Tenguyun

Media Center Diskominfo, - Regional Enterprise (Perusda) Tarakan City Tigor Nainggolan since under the leadership of which is actually a former member of parliament from the Golkar faction Tarakan City, changes increased significantly.

This is revealed when Perusda gave his press statement to the media crews, Wednesday (06/07). Indicators of change increased the indicated Perusda the rising incomes of the two places under its management.

The first is the House Pensions Patra (including swimming pool), where since handed over full management of the hand to a third party to Perusda began in December 2010 the revenue generated could achieve three times greater than before.

"Back when held third-party revenue from Wisma Patra is an average of seven million (Rp.7.000.000, -) per month, while since we managed to achieve net income of twenty five million rupiah (Rp 25.000.000, -) after oprasional and lard cut employee costs, "explained Tigor.

As for Market Tenguyun, when administered by a third party, the incoming monthly income is eight million rupiah (Rp 8.000.000, -), when administered Perusda since February 2011 net income each month reached thirty million dollars (U.S. $ 30,000. 000, -).

It is a very positive thing, because Perusda has given more to PAD Tarakan. When asked what the secret behind this increase, explaining the current Tigor Perusda began to apply professional management (red, private).

"Employees in Perusda is currently recruiting young professionals in their fields through recruitment, right man on the right job was the term," he added.

DD, Diskominfo Tarakan

Sources: tarakankota.go.id (July 7, 2011)
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