River Road asphalting Bengawan targeted Tarakan Completed Late June

TARAKAN - Infrastructure development in the River Bengawan paved road, Village Juata Permai employment contract in accordance with the New Light CV as a contractor, completed until the end of June 2011.

Head of Department of Public Works and Spatial Tarakan City, Jamaluddin said it continues to exercise control in the field. Moreover, because control of project management tools penggunaa. He is also optimistic, road works under the contract and paved roads to penetrate into the housing civil servants. In general, priorities for road maintenance department of public works programs disbursed nearly $ 2 billion to repair spots damaged roads in Tarakan.

"Pressure from the PU to the contractor also continues to do so could really maximize the remaining time available to finish some point the roads are still hollow and broken," said Jamaluddin.

Known, the government disbursed budget for road construction Bengawan River which would also projected as an industrial park, amounting to Rp 30 billion.

But Jamaluddin explained further, to the quantity of road where there is still damage in several sections, can not be done all at once at the same time. Especially roads protocols that many vehicles passed. Necessary stages of repair roads damaged by road maintenance budget.

"The clear priority on the improvement of major roads have been programmed. For Bengawan River, optimistic until the end of June according to the contract, could be completed. The contractor also menyanggupinya. Although no doubt, the issue of weather and natural conditions contribute to the completion of this project, "said Jamaluddin told Radar Tarakan.

Meanwhile, Member of Commission III DPRD Tarakan Gunawan Wibisono after doing field visits to the site said the construction to road maintenance in the River Bengawan before the contract runs out the responsibility of the contractor. To that end, he expects the project implementers to give assurance of quality and quantity of good roads without any problems.

"Until now there are still improvements to be done, but we hope that the grace period under the contract project can be met. Roads completed by the end of June, there are no more problems like damage, "explained Gunawan.

Furthermore Gunawan convey, the realization of a 100 percent commitment to the project until asphalt can pass the new civil service housing. Subject bit of a problem that is land acquisition in some streets Bengawan River, though not significantly, by the City Government through the Governance Tarakan (Tapem) needs to be completed.

"During the visit, we just found out that land acquisition in the way of river river there is a bit problematic, although not significantly. There are several road agencies that seem to involve Tapem to resolve the issue, because these social problems. All parties must contribute, so this road could be completed on time, "he concluded. (DTA)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id
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