Rahmawati: Why the Foreign Tarakan Preferred?

His son was accepted, parents complain

TARAKAN - Although the registration of new learners (PPDB) primary and secondary schools ended yesterday (4 / 7), but complaints still came out of the applicants who generally came from parents whose children are not accepted.

If in urban areas, parents complained about the registration process is quite complicated, registrants in schools outside the city actually complained their children are not accepted in schools near their homes.

"My child is underweight, but the priority should be children nearby. While we see this announcement, many applicants from outside the Tarakan which was accepted, "upset Rahmawati, Juata Permai residents who enroll their children in junior high school 9 Tarakan.

Not without reason, Rahmawati shows, there are several applicants from outside the Tarakan and partly not the closest school to the school, including Nunukan Elementary School District 014, Elementary School 168 Donate, Sembakung Elementary School District 009, Elementary School District 029, School Elementary District 003, Elementary School District 030, and 009 Sembakung Elementary School. This school argues, reduces the opportunity for children who wish to enter public school.

"Therefore, we ask that children be prioritized close. Kayak SMP 6, they prioritize the child close to her school. Here (SMP 9, Ed.) Our son did not like it, "he complained.

Similar complaints submitted Rosmiati. Rahmiwana son could not taste the good schools in the public schools. "If the list outside of SMP 9, much of the flood mas. It was not until my son a girl. Use chartered expensive now, "lamented this veiled woman. "It was no house near the school, but not be accommodated," he added.

Similar complaints also delivered some of the parents at the Vocational School District 2 Tarakan. Having previously judged to be a maximum of providing service, yesterday (4 / 7) 2 SMK PPDB committee did not want to announce the result of registration, while other schools have already issued the registration.

Confirmed, Chairman of the Committee PPDB SMK 2 Tarakan, Mujiono said, will announce the results of PPDB today, because there was still some files that must be resolved.

"I estimate that between the hours of 9 or 10 o'clock we announce," he told Radar Tarakan yesterday afternoon (4 / 7).

The reason again, when the closing takes place approximately at 12.00 pm there are still applicants who took the form so it must wait for the file is returned. "Adalagi are still completing the requirements, especially those from outside the Tarakan. Having to get a recommendation from the Education Office of Tarakan, "explained Mujiono.

Despite complaints, Mujiono remain hopeful, registries continue to work together while waiting for the announcement today. "As per the guidelines, the announcement tomorrow. But we would ask for cooperation, "he said. "Tomorrow, which received please come take a re-registration form, which is not accepted please grab the file that has been paid," added Mujiono.

Other vocational secondary school, SMK 3 Tarakan, also has closed registration. Although there is a class that has not been filled, the Department of Agribusiness Seaweed, but the committee remains PPDB end the registration process. "The question of what next, we will communicate with friends before the committee," said Committee Chairman PPDB SMK 3, Syahrani.

"Plan would open two classes, one class Juata, a class in the Amal Beach. But that is loaded only in the Amal Beach. Of capacity perkelas 32, up to 10 hours before the report is there are 28 registrants, when here (Juata, Ed.) Does not exist, "he said. (Nat)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 5, 2011)
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