Prospective Students New to Tarakan chanting Tested

TARAKAN - In some private schools that notabe Islamic schools require prospective students to take the test recite the Quran.

Those who do not pass the test the Koran is not accepted. It is applied in the SMA Muhammadiyah and Madrasyah Affairs Aliyah (MAN).

Chairman Admission Committee of Students New (PPDB) SMA Muhammadiyah admitted, are required to recite the test for prospective students. The reason for this chant test weight value is 50 percent. Higher than academic tests and interviews that weighs 25 percent respectively.

"Although the academic test and wawacara good value, but can not take your lessons well we had not refused to be accepted at this school. The reason we do this chant test, because we expect ahlak prospective students better," he said on Monday (07/04/2011 )

Fauzan, one of the prospective students enrolling in MAN to admit, when registering at the MAN he tested the Koran. "Praise be. Hopefully unacceptable. I heard that if you can not take your lessons are not acceptable," he said.

Writer: Junisah
Editor: Fransina

Sources: (July 4, 2011)

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