Private schools in New York City raided

Yesterday (5 / 7), hundreds of applicants in droves to register to a private school. As a result, private schools that last toehold membeludak registries, although not as busy as the registration process in the public schools some time ago.

Hang Tuah high school for example. One of the favorite private school located in Jalan RE Regis was not spared from the queue of applicants. "It's more crowded now than the previous day registrants, as the country's registration has been completed, so choose a private school, one of them here (SMA Hang Tuah)," explained Chairman of the Committee for Admission of Students New High School Hang Tuah, the Radar Tarakan Nurhidayah yesterday afternoon ( 5 / 7).

File registrars, Nurhidayah further explained, had in fact meet the committee table since it opened last Friday (1 / 7) although the numbers are still small. "But this day continues to grow and keep us open," said the veiled woman is.

To Radar Tarakan, this friendly woman said, according to their capacity, this new school year SMA Hang Tuah open opportunities to 192 people.

"But the registrants have a 300-person, something we do not receive because we received in accordance with the ranking and in accordance with the schedule, registration till tomorrow (today, Red.)," Said Nurhidayah.

It is said, enrollment is expected today more than yesterday. "Tomorrow is the last registration, definitely more," he said.

Another favorite of private schools, SMA Muhammadiyah also targeted applicants. Since the first wave of open June 27 until July 4, the registrant has almost exceeded the quota.

"The first wave we have announced today (yesterday, Red). The second wave we open today until 8 July, "said Chairman of the Admissions Committee of Students New SMA Muhammadiyah Tarakan Chaidar to this medium.

The first wave, said Chaidar, applicants reached 131 people. "Not graduated 10 people, so the rest we have received about 121 applicants," he said.

To meet the capacity of 180 students, enrollment is continued by opening the second wave is already underway yesterday. "We provide 200 forms, up to now (approximately at 11.30 pm yesterday, Ed.) Which take the form of about 180s. In fact, we need about 60 prospective students only. This evidence, the parents are very enthusiastic about choosing SMA Muhammadiyah, "said Chaidar.

If the number of forms distributed to list all, call Chaidar, a lot of students are "thrown" and should seek other private schools. "Because of the requirements to be followed is the interview and the Koran. If you can not take your lessons, we do not accept, "he said.

Likewise with SMP Muhammadiyah 2, despite having closed the registration in accordance with the schedule listed in the guidelines PPDB and already meet the capacity, ie, 120 people received while 7 of the registrant did not pass. Yesterday, the school re-opened registration.

"We go to a class of as many as one class for 30 prospective students," said Afandi, chairman of the Admissions Committee of Students New SMP Muhammadiyah 2 to Radar Tarakan.

This is done to answer the interest of parents who want to send their children to private school this favorite. "We see parents who want their children menyekolakan. We do not know what factors parents chose this school, but according to our predictions, certainly a lot of parents who want to send their children here, "said Afandi.

It is estimated that, today registries continue to go to private schools. Moreover, the journal indicated some private schools require them to seek other private schools.

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 6, 2011)
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