Praja Satria Basket Ball Club Tarakan

When talking basketball in Tarakan, hence the name Praja Satria Basket Ball Club Tarakan will always follow behind. Because each event digelarnya Basketball Championship that was held in Tarakan, the name of the oldest Basketball Club (even if it was only 14th) in New York City is almost certainly not been absent.

Praja Satria himself stood around 1998 on the initiative of the local who works as a Civil Affairs Officer, Drs. Firmananur, M.Sc., and Drs. M Zainuddin. At the beginning of this basketball club named municipal Basket Ball Championship when he joined the Club Son Se-City of Tarakan, but then as time goes by the name of the club turned into Praja Satria.

The growing sport of basketball in the earth paguntaka make Satria Praja board took the initiative to establish the Women's Basketball Club, and eventually formed the club premises name BAIS Basket Ball Club. Along with the development of an increasingly competitive and competition, the club's management deems necessary to the regeneration of players for the sake of progress the club forward, then the junior team was formed Praja Young's son, and daughter team Cybernance.

The retainer Praja Satria and Club-Club binaannya worthy of pride, being able to carve some prastasi who have achieved at Provincial and National, among others:

Patricia Murshid:
• Champion Kejurda Age Group 16 years in Samarinda (2004).
• Winner of National Championship Age Group 16 years in Yogyakarta (2004).
• Meperkuat Red Team White to the Asean School Basket Ball Championship in Thailand (2004).
• Champion Kejurda Age Group 18 years in Berau (2006).

• Strengthen Basketball Team in East Kalimantan PON 2000 in Surabaya.

• Strengthen Basketball Team in East Kalimantan PON 2000 in Surabaya.

Other achievements:
• Second Place in Eastern Indonesia as Sanggata (Tim's son) in 2001.
• Winner in Indonesia in Tarakan East Basketball Tournament Ball (TBT) in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.
• Mayors Cup Open Tournament Champion as Indonesia Samarinda East tahun2006 in Samarinda.
• Champion Local BAIS Praja Satria (Son) and BAIS (Princess).

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Sources: (July 11, 2011)
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