PNS Tarakan Soon to Enjoy Salary-13

TARAKAN - The process of disbursement of the salary budget to the 13th Mayor of Tarakan ensured Hianggio Haji Udin has been going on. Most likely, this month, each candidate in New York City civil servants and civil servants have been able to enjoy it. "July has strived to be completed throughout the process," said Haji Udin-greeting Mayor of Tarakan.

Salaries of the 13 initially will be given to employees before Idul Fitri. Given this month also the process of acceptance of new learners (PPDB) takes place, the City Government membijaki to hasten redemption. With hope, the salary of the 13 able to help ease the burden of school personnel to meet the needs of their children.

The assurance was delivered by the mayor after he was done directly in DP2KA kroscek, that the submission of disbursement of salaries to the 13 already entered and is currently in the process. "So just be patient, this also being processed," the mayor said before heading to Jakarta.

Disbursement of salary to 13 for these civil servants are obliged to do, as a follow-up to the issuance of Government Regulation (PP). 33 / 2011 through the Ministry of Finance dated June 30, 2011 on the granting of salary or retirement allowances for the thirteenth month in the year 2011 budget to public servants, state officials, and pension benefits recipients.

Director General of State Treasury Kemenkeu Agus Suprijanto in a written statement released Saturday (2 / 7) said the filing of warrants paid by each work unit will be held this July. Center for civil servants, the salary of the 13 will be paid directly to each account, while for regional civil servants will be paid through the budget of each region.

Meanwhile, the salary of the 13 for receiving a pension or allowance will be paid through Taspen PT (Persero) or Asabri PT (Persero) this month. Liquefaction is considering the need for children's education financing civil servants, military, and police. Ministry of Interior (Kemdagri) cautioned the public treasury regency / city government and the provincial government to carefully make the data on the number of civil servants in their respective regions. The issue is important to salary data of the 13 could be paid to all civil servants.

Head of Information Centre (Kapuspen) Kemendagri, Reydonnyzar Moenek explained, if there is difference in data reconciliation by increasing the number of employee data, then the government should quickly apply to the central government. It is important that the funds sent to the region center to pay the salaries of the 13's, no less.

"If there is a shortage due to any difference in data reconciliation by increasing the number of employee data, then the difference of data that can be submitted to central government," said Doni, close calls kemendagri's spokesman, in his office.

Expert financial management standard mechanism that explains the payment of salaries of civil servants. It is said, each of 26, the central government to transfer 1 / 12 share of General Allocation Fund (DAU) to the local treasury accounts. Then, every 1st, salaries can be paid by wire transfer to an account of each civil servant.

"So, there is no reason to delay payment. There is no reason for lack of financing sources. Salaries should be read as a fundamental right to be paid," he said.

Doni explained, to areas that do not receive their share, such as Jakarta and East Kalimantan, still have to pay salaries to the 13th. "It remains to be paid from other sources, such as PAD or from DBH," explained the man from West Sumatra. (Ndy)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 12, 2011)
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