Overcome Floods, Three Rivers Must be Controlled

TARAKAN - Second Assistant Secretariat of the City of Tarakan, Sofian Raga said, so flooding is not getting worse in the town of Tarakan, the necessary involvement of all stakeholders, including government, private or public. The reason, Tarakan is an island. If the water flowing from upstream its ground to the sea there is no enough space on the river, then there is the possibility of water will overflow.

"The tendency of the water will flow from high to low, and the waters will flow through the drainage into creeks leading to the parent of the river," said Sofian.

For this reason, the river becomes a flow of water must have sufficient space to accommodate the flow of water. As for the existing drainage-drainage, much more work to expedite the flow of these rivers.

"Drainage is small indeed well cleaned, but the river should not be ignored," said Sofian.

Because, if the river is not able to accommodate a large water discharge due to a smaller space and narrow river, the water that flows from the drainage toward the river will overflow and cause flooding. The city government itself is gradually admitted keep thinking about this issue continuously. One example of river flow that can be overcome is Sesanip in Jalan Sungai Balak Aki.

"Before the widened river Sesanip, the airport is always flooded when rains come. But look now, meaning that the river was already there is enough space to accommodate the discharge of water, "said Sofian told Radar Tarakan yesterday (4 / 7).

Indeed, in addition to maintaining the river, drainage is also important to be maintained so that water flows are not constrained to enter into a river.

"For current conditions, should not be any additions to the settlements in the river again in order to gain space for the river remain good enough width and depth," he said.

Moreover, Tarakan city government is currently still in the process of flood prevention through the Department of Public Works and Spatial (DPUTR) together with consultants who are experts in their fields will make the design a suitable program. This is important so that flood water that came when the rain came, the river can be accommodated in the body.

One of the efforts undertaken by the city government is widening, deepening, widening at the same time deepening the river, hoping the water can all be accommodated in the body of the river and does not spill to the residential area.

Related homes many residents who are on the edge of even the body of the river, he will certainly conducted the study by the city government. "We will certainly examine carefully and precisely, will then be disseminated to them what to do with the government," said Sofian.

According to him, to deal with flooding in Tarakan, there needs to be public opinion and government so that there are programs and shared commitment to resolve this issue.

"Regarding the relative time since the government needs a clear concept, budget support and other, so that when the program is running then everything can go according to plan," the message.

It is said Sofian Raga, currently there are at least three major rivers that need to be controlled to prevent flooding. Among Pamusian River, River Rock and River Sebengkok Anyar.

"It is necessary to study sufficient and acceptable to all parties, and concepts that do have long-term," he concluded. (Ddq)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 5, 2011)

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