Naming Roads in Tarakan Still Ambush

TARAKAN - The rapid growth of residential area with street names which made citizens of their own cause, found a few street names are mismatched in a region.

For example, in the Village of Reef Flip, found many street names using the name of the flower. On the other villages also found the way to use the name of a flower. Parties to the Office of Transportation and Public Works Department and Spatial recognizes this, and said that the condition also occurs in other villages.

"For setting how it exists in the field of Spatial Public Works Department. If we only technical course such as width and breadth of what that road, "said Head of Communications City of Tarakan, Tarakan Radar Budi Prayitno told yesterday (29 / 6).

In this regard, the Department of Public Works and procedures through the Field of Space Tarakan Spatial Tarakan City Government will do the rearrangement of the names of these roads. To the time, could not be determined because of the need to review the field and studies in accordance with criteria and rules that apply.

Head of Spatial Planning, Ajat Jatnika said, sharing the name of the street in New York City is divided into several regions known as the concept of the hero's name, tree, island, flowers, or flowers and streams.

"There are several ways according to our monitoring has not been arranged properly. For that will forward our order also includes the names of rivers that are overlapping, "he said.

Regarding the number of how many street names and roads in Tarakan, former Head of Water Affairs and former Head of Hygiene Department of Hygiene, Gardening and Tarakan Cemetery is admitted, did not know exactly.

"But clearly we will reset. For street names that performed by the resident actually does not matter because there are no legal guidelines for naming streets because residents conducted by local regulations only set the delimitation area, the benefits of roads and supervision, but still be arranged, "he explained.

Because, in addition to street names in some areas there are multiple, there are also roads that actually have no names, especially names of the aisle. (Sur)

Sources: (June 30, 2011)
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