Multiyears Year 2011 Project Reaches 100%

Media Center Diskominfo, - Progress in physical development at the Department of Education (Disdik) Tarakan City until June 2011 has reached 49.95% and the realization of its finances has reached 42.9%. This is revealed in a press conference conducted by Disdik, Thursday (07/07).

It is also submitted that the physical construction of the project merupak multyears since 2004 and ditargerkan September 2011 has completed 100 percent.

Serketaris Disdik Tarakan City, Edy Susanto said that there are 6 (six) package that is multiyears development that occurred up to September 2011, including 031 primary schools with the progress of Charity Simpang 81.3%, SDN 048 Juata Sea with the progress of 61.9%, SDN Main II Simpang field with the progress of 63%, SMP N 3 with the progress of 48.61%, SMP N 4 with the progress of 78%, SMP N 10 Amal Beach with the progress of 100%.

In addition there are Edy also deliver several projects multiyears 2010, which will end in 2013, including the SDN. 003 Simpang Three with the progress of 25.9%, 013 SDN Kampung Six with the progress of 27.65%, SDN 033 Juata Sea with the progress of 15.78%, SDN 023 Iron Bridge with the progress of 19.53%, SDN 020 Juata krikil with progress 17 , 50%, 038 SDN Lingkas ends with the progress of 20, 42%, SMP N 7 with the progress of 21.27%, SMA N! 1 Tarakan with progress of 8.27%, SMA N 3 Tarakan with progress of 18.3%.

In penjelasanya, Edy said that for the progress of construction projects multiyears 2004 to 2011 has mecapai acquisition target by almost 100 percent.

"Project multiyears this year has shown good progress, nearly 100 percent," he said.

TT - DD, Diskominfo Tarakan

Sources: (July 8, 2011)
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