Miniature Houses of Worship in Tarakan constrained Land

TARAKAN - Discourse Forum (FKUB) Tarakan to build a complex miniature house of worship seems to have not been able to materialize in the near future. The problem, according to H Salafa Hefa, one of the elements FKUB board is due to the land to be used have not been there. "We're still waiting for the government," said Salafa.

This discourse, he added, had been rolling since the leadership of Mayor Joseph SK. But until the leadership of H Udin Hianggio there has been no sign will be done. Initially, FKUB is requested that this discourse is built around the area with the Amal Beach area of ​​land required about 2 hectares. The concept is the same as the Mount of Love in Manado, North Sulawesi as a symbol of harmony and peace of the people. "The idea of ​​these miniatures were conceived, awaiting the birth of it," said Rev. Khalep Ramat FKUB of Christian steward.

According to them, there had been plans to build a miniature, and the estimated budget will reach billions. "If there is land, and asked to build their own FKUB we are also prepared through community funds. Even if one of the other religions there is a small budget, from other religions is ready to help, "explained Father Rajabana, FKUB board of Catholic elements.

He said that if these miniatures have been awakened, then this would be an asset the city of Tarakan, not an asset to anyone. Although the discourse FKUB is called miniatures, but FKUB ensure that houses of worship to be built can be used for public worship. "As Hill Love Mandala Krida in Manado and Bali, all the government assets and provide income to revenue," said Salafa Hefa.

There, the plan will be built Protestant churches, Catholic churches, mosques, temples, monasteries.

Mayor of Tarakan H Udin confirmed Hianggio Radar Tarakan was about to hear the information from reporters. "I do not know if there is incoming mail, I do not know yet. I just heard this from you, "said Udin Hianggio to the media. According to him, if FKUB have a desire to build a miniature, surely there must be studies from various sectors. "If we land problem is no problem, we are ready," he said. (Ddq)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 7, 2011)
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