Mayor of Tarakan: Do not Sell Above HET

TARAKAN - Related to the implementation of regional policies on the distribution or sale of subsidized fuel by two co-Paguntaka and Distribution of KSU Cooperative Work Together Forward is set forth in Decree No. Mayor of Tarakan. 510, Mayor of Tarakan Haji Udin Hianggio underline some important points. Salahsatunya, about the provision of the highest retail price (HET) sales of premium gasoline and diesel fuel is subsidized by the cooperative members.

In the decree, set HET for premium gasoline and diesel subsidy of Rp 4900 per liter. "Do not let any retailers who are members of the cooperative, selling the subsidized premium gasoline and diesel fuel on the HET specified. Do not be tempted to blandishments to gain the maximum profit, "said Haji Udin-greeting Mayor of Tarakan.

HET set with no hope of equality and suitability of seller's price level is incorporated in the above two cooperatives. Also with hope, not create a business climate that is conducive and violating the Oil and Gas Law. That is, if there are members of two cooperatives that are known to sell subsidized premium gasoline and diesel to the SME, fishing and maritime transport on the HET, will automatically follow. "There are only two APMS are entitled to distribute subsidized premium gasoline and diesel for members of the cooperative, Aurelia Limyanto APMS and APMS Flowers Ria," said Haji Udin again.

Legal, the number of members of the Cooperative Distribution Paguntaka eligible for subsidized fuel ration of the two APMS are as many as 33 people. While at KSU Work Together Forward, carrying 226 people. (Ndy)

Sources: (July 12, 2011)
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