Mayor of Tarakan Convinced Fuel Distribution System There is no correspondingly

Severe, Stock Pertamax Also Empty

TARAKAN - I do not know what's really going on behind the problem the more prolonged the line buyers fuel oil (BBM) at Fuel Filling Station for the General re-occur.

This time even worse. Therefore, scarcity does not only happen on such subsidized premium gasoline (petrol) and diesel, but even worse pertamax stock (non-subsidized fuel) in a Fuel Filling Station for the General is also vacant after the "invaded" the buyer the day before.

These events make the most of the residents are waiting too long looking surly. Apparently not only upset residents, Mayor of Tarakan Haji Udin Hianggio too. The mayor even ordered his staff at the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Small Medium Micro Enterprises to quickly resolve the issue premium.

"Try asking the same Disperindagkop, because its leading sector there. I also can not afford that myself. Ketegasannya, this is a public interest and also include you have to pressure, "said Mayor Hianggio Udin told reporters after attending a closed meeting in the building of the Regional People's Representative Council Tarakan City yesterday (12 / 7).

"We have given the ease (sellers of premium bottled, Ed.). If there are back again (to sell), what's this? Well, that's their importance (Disperindagkop) study where the error was, "he explained.

The mayor also did not turn a blind eye if there is a game in the distribution of subsidized premium. According to him again, there is no consistent system in central government policies.

"There should be courage central government to take steps that are not popular, so the case should also be considered premium," said the former chairman of the City DPRD Tarakan it.

Separately, Asmen PMS External Fuel Retail Marketing Pertamina Kalimantan, Bambang Irianto insisted there was no reduction in fuel rations to the people, especially in the north.

"We reiterate that Pertamina did not reduce the allotment society, a drop! And that happens on the field, its distribution is almost over, "said Bambang Irianto to Radar Tarakan when confirmed through his cell phone yesterday.

Even Bambang said, this year the government actually plans to increase the quota premium of society. "Therefore, the government and Parliament to sit together to discuss this quota. But, in reality, the need certainly not comparable to the quota will be given, "said Bambang.

He argued, it is because, the population increases and residents who will need quite a high premium. "This (shortage, Ed.) Does not only happen in New York City, already a national issue," he said.

Bambang also refused to speculate there is abuse in the process of channeling a premium for these poor people.

"I must speak the facts, if there are findings and facts on the ground please report this," he said to end.

Unfortunately, until this news was revealed there has been no official statement from the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Micro, Small and Medium Cities Tarakan. Head of Trade, which was confirmed Prayitno Fortunately on this, the city is directing reporters to confirm the command.

Meanwhile, Chief Aleksandra Disperindagkop and SMEs which are beyond Tarakan yesterday can not be questioned. Various attempts to confirm it, either through cell phone and his Blackberry Messenger until 18:20 pm yesterday afternoon also no answer.

Sources: (July 12, 2011)
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