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TARAKAN - Head of Community Empowerment, Women and Family Planning City of Tarakan, Mariyam revealed, people with literacy in the Village of East Coast Charity Tarakan District is estimated to be at the highest rate so far.

To that end, through the activities of Field Work Experience, followed by as many as 110 students from the University Mulawarman Samarinda 2011, 10 of whom have the task of eradicating the case focused on Coast Village Charity.

"10 students of that amount which was carrying out the Field Work Experience currently has a specific purpose that is how to eradicate illiteracy in the Amal Beach, because it is possible the highest illiteracy rates in these urban villages," said Mariyam told Radar Tarakan yesterday (5 / 7) .

But the number of illiteracy in the Village Beach Amal, Mariyam admitted his side have not been able to find out exactly. So expect through the Field Work Experience Thematic than 10 people it will just be known how much the illiteracy rate experienced by the majority of the people who inhabited the fishermen.

"This year the number of students in service learning Unmul Tarakan numbered 110 people, which is 100 people are regular service learning," he said.

To establish one final task the students, the City Government of Tarakan through the Agency for Community Empowerment, Women and Family Planning Tarakan City and its related agencies, especially the village and district since July 1, a number of these students were given coaching and debriefing is held for two days in 4 districts until yesterday.

Mariyam explained, in coaching and debriefing for students of Field Work Experience was done so that the Tri Dharma Higher Education or knowledge they acquire during dibangku lectures can be synchronized with the Tarakan City Administration program is primarily concerned with urban development policy.

"Although the majority of whom shall be students, but they do not know what the mission vision of this city, on the occasion of this briefing so that all the activities they perform better later on knowing and understanding especially associated with the situation on the ground," he said.

Still said Mariyam, a regular service learning student or the general activities in each village each post amount to 5 people. This year the number of service-learning students from Samarinda Tarakan Unmul less when compared to the previous year. "We hope in particular to all service-learning students who can do that from Tarakan Tarakan KKNya do," Mariyam message.

Year 2010, he continued, CCN Thematic first stage at the time the student gets the task of surveying the city of Tarakan in poverty and a known cause of the majority due to divorce. Unmul CCN activity is carried out from 1 July to 1 September in Tarakan. (Sur)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 6, 2011)
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