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TARAKAN - Schools in the City of Tarakan seed is still a favorite choice of prospective students or parents at the time of acceptance of Students New (PPDB). It is seen in SMP 2 and SMKN 1 Tarakan.
PPDB On the first day, Friday (07/01/2011) hundreds of students and parents flocked to bring the folder containing the certificate, photo and plaque, sign up at the two schools are still the favorite in the town of Tarakan is ..
According to Deputy Head of Student SMPN 2 Tarakan, Peter, on the first day of PPBD interest of prospective students and parents who enroll in SMP 2 Tarakan is extraordinary. Because on the first day of 500 sheets fomulir PPBD have taken prospective students.
"Animonya was incredible on the first day of this PPBD. From 1000 form sheets that we provide, as many as 500 pieces have been taken form the prospective students and parents. And for the acceptance quota students in SMP 2 Tarakan is only 281 students with 10 classes," he said.
It is equally expressed the Organizing Committee Chairman PPDB SMK N 1 Tarakan, Malik. He said the first day of this PPDB menyedikaan 1800 it intended to form the six departments, namely the department office administration, accounting, marketing, hospitality, culinary, and tourism. So that each department receives 300 form.
While Juliana, one of the candidates admitted students, choosing majors SMKN 1 Tarakan administrative offices as school choice, because he sees the school SMKN a nicer and have better quality. Similarly with Sari, a prospective student.
13-year-old girl was admitted, select SMP 2 Tarakan, because a good school and close to his home. "Apart from the well near the house, happened to my friends list go here a lot, so follow-up is also a list here," he said.
Writer: Junisah Editor: Reza Rashid Umar Sumber: Tribun Kaltim
Sources: kaltim.tribunnews.com (July 1, 2011)
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