Entrepreneur Field Broadcasting, Posts and Telecommunications Must Report To Diskominfo

Tarakan - Office of Communications and Information Technology City of Tarakan on the basis of legislation that there has tasks in the field of broadcasting, postal and telecommunications, among others:

Referral to:
1. Branch Office Jastip
2. Remains closed local network
3. Wil. The priority of universal service in telecommunications
4. Administration requirements & technical data feasibility Licensed Radio Stations

1. Agent Services entrusted
2. telecommunications specifically for governmental purposes
3. Cable installer House / House (IKR / G)
4. branch offices and service counters telecom operators.
5. IMB telecommunications tower
6. Digging telecommunication cables
7. Nuisance Ordinance telekomun.
8. Lightning arrester installation
9. Genset Installation
10. trade in telecommunications equipment businesses.
11. Locations studios and radio transmitters and / or TV
12. Telephone kiosk, cafe, or similar warsel

Monitoring / evaluation:
1. Heading in the countryside
2. Control Agent Jastip
3. telecommunications, construction of telecommunication, internet cafe, like
4. charge of telecommunications emergency calls
5. standardization control postel
6. supervision of telecommunication towers

To that end, the entrepreneur is both a doll and the company reported its efforts to be recorded. Looking ahead, the Office of Communications and Information Technology will provide guidance and assistance in the licensing process. Further information can be directly went to the Office of Communications and Information Technology City of Tarakan, Kalimantan Road No.1 Tel (0551) 34 200.

email: postel_diskominfo@tarakankota.go.id,
website: diskomifo.tarakankota.go.id.


Sources: diskominfo.tarakankota.go.id (July 8, 2011)

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