Drainage Work on Tarakan PUTR Soon!

Acknowledge Overcome Public Works Flood Often constrained Land Acquisition
TARAKAN - Rain with large enough intensity from 05.00 pm until 10:00 pm yesterday (30 / 6) again led to some areas of the city of Tarakan had inundated with the height exceeding the average adult knee. In fact, there are areas not usually submerged like a fork in the Sacred Lake and most areas in the Village of Kampung One / Skip, join now submerged.
It is recognized that the Vice Mayor of Tarakan Suhardjo approximately at 07.30 yesterday morning to review the field to a few points and subscriptions flood seputaran Tarakan City. The result, Vice Mayor also admitted concern with the current condition of Tarakan, which he said the amount of flooding point as if not reduced even tends to increase.
"Look at the Stadium Datu Adil, there has never flooded more than one meter. But this morning (yesterday, Ed.), Is quite remarkable height reached 1 meter more. As a result, traffic is blocked even some of the vehicles breaking down due to the floods that high, "said Vice Mayor.
So as not different perspective on the pattern of flood and its causes, Vice Mayor also visited the Department of Public Works (MPW) as well as invite the DPU competent personnel to see first hand the conditions on the ground during heavy rains.
"To cope with floods in Tarakan, there are short-term planning and long-term. That's what informed DPU, "said Vice Mayor.
Short-term planning which is expected to address the problem of puddles that soak some areas, make do with the culvert or a new sodetan. "One will do rehab-gorongnya sewer lines are long lines in front of the Stadium Datu Adil. Either would be widened or will be addressed, we wait for action DPU, "he said.
This daily monitoring of reporters at some point the flood that occurred yesterday, community activity was constrained due to high water covering the road on Stadium persekitaran Datu Adil also settlements in the Village of Kampung One / Skip. In fact, there are some two-wheeled motorized vehicles are breaking down.
Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 1, 2011)
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