DPRD Tarakan Residents Respond to Complaints

Tarakan public complaints arise against the registration of new students starting primary school level up to a special school to accommodate applicants from countries outside of Tarakan, Tarakan so the attention of legislators.

Member of Commission II DPRD Tarakan City, Shamsuddin Arfah said, Tarakan should be proud to be an open city, the northern region referenced education. But the problem, special schools receive subsidies from local budgets.

He reveals, as much as 20 percent of the budget Tarakan City, through policies and government attention to special education in the country Tarakan one school that is free of charge. Connoisseurs of the policy, should be directed to the Tarakan city.

"There is no limit if students from other regions come, learn and gain knowledge in Tarakan. but on the other hand the government provides education subsidies from local budgets, breathing for children Tarakan, "he explained.

Moreover, selection into the public schools scattered in Tarakan pretty tight. Parents should be alert glared journals accepting new students at each school. If the school is supposed to be occupied by children Tarakan even outside the region occupied by children, defined by government subsidies enjoyed by others.

"Now his new admissions process is over. Missed, not really. But it must be considered by the government especially the Office of Education in the coming years, "he told Radar Tarakan.

"In order not misplaced too, indeed there should be an evaluation meeting with Disdik, government and parliament related to this new admissions process. Council also not muddy, I think any child should go outside, but it's how to talk subsidy policy?, "He added.

All communities are expected to Tarakan still get rights from obligations that have been done to the area. Moreover, clear-APBD Tarakan Tarakan clear to the public. "The mechanism of the future need to be evaluated, so that people Tarakan not reduced their rations to get the subsidy. Indeed every good policy for society surely there are risks, we use as reference in order to perfect performance, "added the politicians of this MCC.

"Even if you can, perhaps because many children are difficult Tarakan desired entry in the school, the concept of education in New York City must be set more perfectly. Possible, in 4 districts in New York City for example have a junior high level with SMP 1 seeded in Tarakan. Can accommodate children who are in each township. clear, all existing policies and the risks in the near future we will invent an evaluation for good in the coming years, "said Shamsuddin Arfah.

Previously, the Radar Tarakan some time ago, Head of Education Aswadi convey, had anticipated this. One of them by limiting quotas for students from outside schools Tarakan 5 percent of quota provided in the school.

This policy is also still refer to one of the principle of acceptance of new learners the Unitary Republic of Indonesia insightful. "That is, every citizen who can follow the old school of education in the territory of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia regardless of origin, religion, ethnicity, race, and class," said Aswadi at that time. (Nat / DTA)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 6, 2011)
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