Cooperative Paguntaka in Tarakan rationed kiloliters 132 Premium

TARAKAN - Mayor of Tarakan Decision Number: 510/HK-VII/511/2011 about the allocation of subsidized premium gasoline and diesel fuel not only to members of the Cooperative Business Solutions Business Work Together Forward, but also to members of the Cooperative Distribution Paguntaka.

Based on this decree Tarakan Mayor Cooperative Distribution Paguntaka fuel allocation to take on the APMS Aurelia Limyanto allocated as much as 80 kiloliters Monthly premium and diesel by 36 kiloliters Monthly. While in the APMS Flowers Ria allocated as much as 52 kiloliters pebulan premium and diesel 96 kiloliters per month.

Cooperative Distribution Paguntaka own during this serve regular speedboat across the northern East Kalimantan. Among them from Tarakan to Tanjung Sellor, Nunukan, Tana Tidung, and Malinau.

According to the Chairman of the Cooperative Distribution Paguntaka, Masdar it supports the decision of the Mayor of Tarakan imposing fuel allocations to 33 member cooperatives.

"We support that has made the Mayor of Tarakan. Even we impose to our members, each taking subsidized fuel there must be a letter from the cooperative. Without any letter from the cooperative APMS should not serve, "he said on Friday (07/08/2011) at Tarakan City Government Multipurpose Room.

Writer: Junisah
Editor: Reza Rashid Umar
Sumber: Tribun Kaltim

Sources: (July 8, 2011)
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