Bring Workers Home Tarakan catches Sabu

Dahlan (31), a resident of Jalan Suprapto Lt. RT 6, West Aberdeen was forced to curl up in Aberdeen Police custody since the weekend.

He was caught carrying two packages of methamphetamine weighing 0.5 grams of Tarakan City, Friday (1/7/2011) ago.

Aberdeen Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Supriyono Sabar was accompanied by Mark Sanyoto Invisible Drugs PPA said the arrest of workers from Tarakan this stems from people coming into the information apparatus Satnarkoba.

He was known to carry shabu from Tarakan to Balikpapan by Sriwijaya Air flight boarded at around 16.00 pm.

"The information we collect directly followed up by investigations in the field. Sepinggan team moved to Aberdeen Airport and waited in the arrivals hall. Soon, the figure is seen in the waiting room. The ambush was immediately done," said Mark, Monday (4 / 7 / 11).

When penyeragapan, continued Mark, officers discovered two packages of methamphetamine weighing 0.5 grams in a box of cigarettes in the hands of the suspect.

Without speaking at length, the father of one child directly to the police station in Aberdeen midfielder, for questioning.

Editor: Anwar Sadat Use | Sumber: Tribun Kaltim

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