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TARAKAN - Emphasized by the head of the Office of Communications and Information Technology (Diskominfo) Tarakan City H Ruslan Arifin that, the utilization of Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE) City of Tarakan in this character still ujiterap. That is, responsible for budgets in each SKPD, through the auction committee can take advantage of e-Proc used by LPSE as part of the embodiment of Presidential Decree (Presidential Decree) No.. 54/2010 on Procurement of Goods and Services, also can not use it manually or through an auction process. Only, as a means of learning, are suggested to the entire head SKPD to support the existence LPSE by placing the announcement of the procurement plan of goods / services that qualify as compulsory auction. "Presidential Regulation 54/2010 confirmed that in 2012 an electronic procurement service, shall be implemented in each region. Mainly by all SKPD, especially responsible for the budget (SKPD chief, Ed.), "Said Ruslan H met in his office, yesterday afternoon.

Moreover, every SKPD should already be able to adapt and commit to comply with the content and purpose of Presidential Decree 54/2010. "Since the budget diketok, SKPD already have set up management activities and establish direct contact with officials of the committee activities (auction committee) as PPTK and others, as officials who have important decisions about the use of operational budgets," said Ruslan H again.

Well, as a unit separate service systems that dibawahi Diskominfo, LPSE tasked with implementing the decision to serve the budget utilization in each SKPD monitored SKPD implementation by the auction committee and the wider community. "So, LPSE did not hinder the realization of the auction process on each SKPD. Did not disrupt SKPD budget policy. Do not make the e-Proc utilized as a reason for the low uptake LPSE SKPD budget. It seemed, every year the budget absorption SKPD always been a problem, "said regent Bulungan these siblings.

"Do not kambinghitamkan LPSE. Problem budget absorption, depends entirely on the commitment SKPD chief who would not want to be able to carry out the bidding process via e-Proc in 2012. Again, the 2011 transition, 2012 is mandatory, "he said.

He continued, LPSE Tarakan City is an independent non-budgetary institutions that each personnel do not get special incentive to carry out the auction service. (Ndy)

Sources: radartarakan.co.id (July 5, 2011)
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