Place Made Forest Area Poultry Raising cattle

TARAKAN - Most of the land in forest areas in the South Mountain area, Tarakan has become a breeding chickens by about 10 people.

Seeing this, the management team Union of Forest (KPHL) plans to bring order from other area residents.

According to the Head of CGU KPHL Tarakan Maryanto, it has to do three times a mediation with the poultry farmers not to conduct activities in protected forest land. But it is always mediation fails, because the chicken does not want to move to another location.

"They do not want to move because it was unreasonable to have such permission letters from the RT and Lurah The statement that enables chicken farms in protected forest areas. While in Law Number 41 of 1999 on Forestry obviously can not do any activities in forest areas," he said, Wednesday (03/16/2011).

Not only that, the chicken did not have permission from the Animal Husbandry and Food Crops (Disnaktan) Tarakan to be protected forest area as a chicken farm.

"Without the permission of Disnaktan is very clear where chicken farming is no izinya, and this should be disciplined," he said. (*)

Authors: Junisah
Editor: Sumarsono

Source: TribunKaltim
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