Pertamina to Go 1000 Old Oil Wells in Tarakan

In the near PT Pertamina EP-Sangasanga UBEP Tarakan 1000 will reopen old oil wells are scattered in the town of Tarakan, like in the village of Six, Pamusian, Sesanip, Juata and Menggarai.

"We reopen the oil wells, because we want to get the oil. The advantage of this oil results not only for PT Pertamina, but to society Tarakan," said Ernest Winokan, Public Relations of PT Pertamina EP-Sangasanga UBEP Tarakan, Saturday (12 / 3 / 2011)

Ernest admitted that the current revenue-sharing oil and gas sector reached USD 300 million billion per year. "If 1000 the well was reopened, will certainly get the result that more oil and gas sector achieve even greater value," he said. (*)

Author: Junisah
Editor: Sumarsono

Source: TribunKaltim

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