Orchid Park Place Building So KPHL

TARAKAN - Department of Forestry Mining and Energy City of Tarakan, choose the Amal Beach is close to the Garden Orchid as the Unity Building for Protection of Forest Development (KPHL) in Kota Tarakan.

"We chose the Coast Charity, because this region is close to the forest area of the city, so that monitoring of the urban forest area would be easier," said Chief Dishutamben Tarakan City, Budi Setiawan, Wednesday (16/03/2011).

Budi said, KPHL associated with building construction, the plan tomorrow there are some people of East Kalimantan Province which will review building construction site KPHL.

"Tomorrow the team will review the field to see first hand the land to be used for building construction KPHL," he said.

Budi said, for building construction area KPHL ideally 600 square meters. But for the establishment of this building, it will provide 1,000 square feet. "We will provide 1,000 square meters land area, though more extensive," he said. (*)

Author: Junisah
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Source: TribunKaltim
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