City Government of Tarakan Open Enrollment SIUP Minol

To regulate the circulation of alcoholic beverages (minol) Tarakan City Government through the Department of Trade Industry, Cooperatives and SMEs to open registration for employers to apply for re-processing minol Trading License Alcoholic Beverages (SIUP-MB).

Although it has opened registration, until now there is no businessman who filed return arrangements minol SIUP MB. Thus expressed Disperindagkop Head and SMEs Alexsandra Tarakan City, who met on Tuesday (02/03/2011).

The man who was familiarly called Alex reveals, although no one has signed up, but there have been two to five people who are interested in filing return businessman SIUP MB.

"It's an interest but must still meet the requirements well in advance, one of which has SIUP MB," he said.

As is known from 73 alcoholic beverage establishments in Tarakan, a new six-place business that allowed menjualan alcoholic drinks group A, B, and C. While the 67 premises alcoholic beverages are not allowed and eventually Disperindagkop and SMEs Tarakan City issued the Decree of the revocation SIUP MB. (*)

Author: Junisah
Editor: Sumarsono

Source: (March 2, 2011)
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