Already Tarakan PNS 305 Best Slow Hold the Key, June House PNS completed

TARAKAN - Housing designated for Civil Servants (PNS) in the scope of the City Government of Tarakan is expected no later than next June has been completed. Housing Site Manager of the branch Tarakan Suwanto said, the housing is located in the Village Juata Permai that, until recently the physical construction has been completed 80 per cent. "God willing, no later than June we are targeting completion. Because depending on the weather which resulted in process of being slow. Also, delivery of materials to Tarakan also often be a problem, "said Suwanto to Radar Tarakan, yesterday.

For the installation of electricity networks, water taps, Suwanto said, the responsibility of municipal government in this regard PLN Tarakan Tarakan and taps to complete. "That duty is to complete the physical Perumnas home, while for the water facility, electricity is the obligation of the municipality," he said.

He mentioned, of the 500 units that are ready to be built by the Housing according to the agreement with the City Government of Tarakan, until now, as many as 305 units of civil servants has become the property of Tarakan. "The amount is already known to take his house keys by the banks, the City Government of Tarakan and Perumnas own," said Suwanto.

Furthermore Agus said, later houses built in Juata Permai was not only intended only for civil servants. "The remaining approximately 200 now under construction. Later the rest was our input into the program this year that the liquidity facility, which is not only to civil servants but all societies, "he explained.

To note that house prices pegged to USD 55 million with the gradual payment of a maximum of 15 years, through the Housing Credit (KPR). Housing built on an area of ​​1 hectare of land use type 27 with a land area the size of 4x6 and 10x18 meters.

Vicki Wowor, Site Manager of Public Corporation that oversees the V Regional Housing East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, Central Java and Jogjakarta added, Housing here is only building a house alone. While preparing the facilities and infrastructure such as electricity and water distribution network was prepared by the municipality in accordance with an agreement signed by the Housing and local administration.

Parties Perumnas on finishing the construction of houses are said Vicki will be his responsibility to the electrical network connection and distribution of clean water into the house. "As for connections outside the home such as pipe distribution, transmission to the network as well as PLN is the responsibility of city government," he said.

He hoped for the civil servants or as a prospective residents who have been determined by the municipality for use by both the housing loans. "Because they also use the facility advances subsidy provisions that house can not be traded for 5 years. So do the facilities already provided as a venue for business, "lid Vicki. (Sur)

Source: radartarakan (March 11, 2011)
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