Staff Setwan Tarakan Success Swim from Nunukan to Malaysia

Ibrahim, Parliament Secretariat staff Tarakan, on Wednesday (01/12/2011) today successfully mewujudukan ambitions across the sea between the island of Sebatik to Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia. Ibrahim able to penetrate Malaysia for about four hours with the distance of about eight kilometers.

Sea depth reaches 32 meters with a flow of 80 knots per hour. Unlike the earlier action, this time Abraham had to wear a bathing suit to avoid jellyfish stings. He swam incessantly without the tools.

Swimmers who had failed to carry out its mission in August 2010 and then this, start the preparation of about 06.00 this morning with heating. Next he swam and reached the Port Sabindo, Tawau ekitar at 10:30. Arriving in Tawau, Abraham welcomed the Head of the Consulate General Tawau, Widoratno Rahendra Jaya, Assembly President Ismail Mayakob Perbandaran Tawau, Sabah Deputy Minister of Finance. Pengalungan red and white flag on his neck to end swimming action that has been prepared for months. (*)

Source: tribunkaltim (January 12, 2011)

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