Ready to Publish Electronic Identity Card Tarakan

Hamza: Mid-2011 e-ID card Already into force

Media Center Diskominfo, - Since the year 2009 Office of Population And Civil City of Tarakan has started to make the transition Occupied Identity Card System (Simduk) to the Electronic Identity Card (e-ID card) which is a national program.

It is one thing that informed the Secretary of the Office of Population And Civil City of Tarakan, Hamza SE, this afternoon (Thursday, 2.10) during a press briefing to reporters.

According to the former Head Office of the PDE, the update data in the City of Tarakan has been performed in 20 Villages with a population of about 230 people over the recorded.

When asked by the crew of the media about when to use e-ID cards, Hamza explains his service is currently pending legislation in Parliament was in godok Tarakan City. "Members of the council some time ago have made study visits to the Yogyakarta area, and is currently completing Perdanya," he explained.

"When this law was published, the e-ID card will be launched to the public no later than mid-year (red, 2011)," Hamza added.

e-ID card itself more advantages than the conventional type of ID card (simduk), because the e-ID card will have a chip containing eight kilo bytes of data from the owner, including fingerprints found us and jamkesda.

Explained Hamzah, e-ID card currently in use in six areas. And they are pilot projects of national e-ID cards which have so far been successful.

"City of Tarakan including one of 197 City - County who will implement e-ID cards," said Hamza.

Before closing his speech, reminded the community Hamza Tarakan especially the parents who do not take care of her child's birth certificate for the immediate care of the Department of Population and Civil Registration, Because birth certificates are needed and useful to the interests of the child later.

DD, the Office of Communications and Informatics.

Source: diskominfo Tarakan (10 February 2011)
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