Immediately So Malundung Tarakan International Port

Port Malundung immediately increased the status of international ports. Head of the Port Administration Office (Adpel) Tarakan, Adang Rodiana said, in order to become an international port, a port must have the eligibility standards for certification ISPS (International Ship and Implementation of The Port Facility Security, Red) Code. And today, the Port has been recognized decent Malundung certified ISPS Code.

"Some time ago we never visited the U.S. Coast Guard and they say we deserve a certificate of the ISPS Code," Adang said when met Radar Tarakan, yesterday.

Explained Adang, ISPS Code is a set of rules for securing ships and port facilities internationally. The facility is on port security is also recognition of already very comprehensive and worthy of being an international port, such as metal detectors, explosive detectors, CCTV and X-ray.

"ISPS is how the port could be safe and the evidence, during the riots yesterday (september gray, Red), port Malundung proven safe and no interference," he said.

Not only that. To obtain ISPS certification, it is clear Adang, various preparations have been done, including safety committee has been formed that aims to anticipate the occurrence of something that is not desirable and do it early. "So also with the ship, should be safe. For example, if the ship entered the harbor Malundung Korea, it's called the Korean ship, so it must be really safe, "he said, responding to one of the main port of the Tarakan as one of the main port of entry in the list of war risk zone zone (war risk zone), so it must have the ISPS certificate Code.

So far, the Port Malundung indeed serve the loading and unloading many involving foreign ships, such as Korea and ships from other countries to support the export of several companies in Tarakan. Even from Tarakan Adpel records, the ship docked and loading and unloading at the Port Malundung reach 240 percent from the previous.

"Port Malundung not only implement the national port services but has been an international port services," said Adang.

Other requirements are a concern to obtain certificates of ISPS is Malundung Port activity is supported by a safety device, ie, government support, Syahbandar or Administrator Ports, Immigration, Customs and Excise, Animal and Plant Quarantine, Port Health and the Police Sector Port Area (KSKP). "So, with the consideration that we really deserve it (ISPS, Red)," he said. (Nat)

Source: radartarakan (February 8, 2011)
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