7 Houses and Kiosks in Tarakan Burned

An estimated seven houses and kiosks located at 8 Village Selumit RT sold out on fire, the red rooster, at 18:00, Tuesday (18/01/2011). As a result one fireman were injured at their feet for nail punctured, as would extinguish the fire.

The cause of the fire thought to have come from petrol kiosks owned by Agus. The fire quickly grabbed into building houses and kiosks that are next to and behind. A total of 12 units of fire trucks were deployed to extinguish the fire as well with 4 units of trucks from PDAM Tarakan. Finally, for two and a half hour a new fire can be extinguished.

Yono Suratin, one of the victims whose homes were burned admitted, the fire originated from petrol kiosks owned by Agus. "I heard that would refuel, bensinya was spilled, and all of a sudden there are sparks, and flames immediately enlarged, and residents tried to put out the fire, but fire even bigger," he said.

When viewing a fire enlarged Yono, together, wife and son immediately tries to save his property, but unfortunately only securities and a refrigeration unit that was rescued and the other sold out on fire.

"Everything was burned, only securities that can be saved, but I am still grateful for my family all survived. So for now I live in the family home first, because no longer know where to go," he said. (*)

Source: tribunkaltim (January 18, 2011)

Citizen Watch Fire From Top Car Damkar

7 Houses and Kiosks in Tarakan Burned - BorneoTARAKAN - Fires that hit homes and kiosks in RT 8 Selumit Village, on Tuesday (01/18/2011) at 18:00, the spectacle of hundreds of citizens. Obviously this is very difficult for firefighters to extinguish the fire. There are even people who drive reckless fire just to watch the red rooster.

Seeing a few people watching the fire from above the car, firefighters assisted police officers immediately expel citizens, because of the presence of people watching the fire difficult to extinguish the fire officer.

Fire Chief City of Tarakan, Hariyanto admitted, officers put out the fire difficult, because many people are watching. "I ask the residents if a fire should not be a spectacle, because we are there in this field so difficult. Our car came to fetch water becomes slow, because the number of residents in the street who witnessed kebarakan," he said.

Not only that, the institute also said Hariyanto water shortages. But it was grateful for the help of 4 units PDAM car that helped put out the fire. "Gratitude taps would help so the fire can be extinguished," he said. (*)

Source: tribunkaltim (January 18, 2011)
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