Tarakan Expo 2010 "Inspiration For Indonesia"

Tarakan - Every year end of December, exactly, the activities of the City Government will be more solid, be it related diperkantoran end of the fiscal year, and activities to enliven the Tarakan City Day was born on 15 December.

Some SKPD, institutions, organizations / associations exist which hold events / tournaments for memeriah Anniversary of the City. Tarakan City Government in welcoming the birthday of this city to XIII of which will hold a Carnival Parade on December 12, Development, and Tarakan Expo 2010 in Datu Adil Stadium starting on 8 to December 15, 2010.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, who also served as Assistant to the City Development Tarakan, Ir. Sofyan Raga, M.Sc., until now the number of registered participants helped enliven and showcase pruduknya in Tarakan Expo 2010 has reached 120 booths.

"Tarakan Expo 2010 is the event Product Exposition, the World Business and Industry, Arts, Culture and Tourism largest in North Eastern Kalimantan," said Sofyan shortly after chairing a meeting evaluation and technical meeting in Room Imbaya, Office of the Mayor of Tarakan, on Saturday (12/04 .)

Sofyan described, this event will take place in a business interaction with fellow businessman and an opportunity to get excellent products from various cities in Indonesia. Also in Tarakan Expo 2010 will be celebrated also by the Forum for Games, Live band, Live DJ, Performing Arts, Featured Products, and various Culinary.

"Tarakan Expo 2010 is the inspiration for Indonesia," he closed the conversation with us. DD, Diskominfo City of Tarakan.

Source: tarakankota.go.id (December 7, 2010)
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