Tarakan Binalatung Suitable So Regions Swallow

TARAKAN - Despite the current City Government (City Government) Tarakan, still drafting the design to local regulations (draft) on the bird's nest, but the Middle Tarakan District, has recommended Binalatung area as a place that can help them swallow the region.

"In my opinion Binalatung area suitable for use as an area of bird's nest, because the location was still empty and faces the sea. Moreover, I hear bird's nest are better when close to the sea," said Camat Middle Tarakan, Hendra Arfandi.

Hendra said, Binalatung can be used as swallow nest area, in addition to the location of the land is still vacant and faces the sea, well away from residential homes, so as not to disturb surrounding residents. (*)

Source: tribunkaltim (23 November 2010) Borneo
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