Bridge Construction Feasibility Study ITB-Bulungan Tarakan

To realize the plan to build a bridge connecting the island of Tarakan City Sadau headed Bulungan, Tarakan City Government in cooperation with the Institute for Research and Community Service Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) to conduct a feasibility study of bridge construction.

In the feasibility study report, the City Government Lubung Tarakan, on Tuesday (11/30/2010) LAPI ITB offers two alternatives for these bridges. The first alternative access road from Tarakan Island-Island-Sadau Liago toward Bulungan. The second alternative of Sadau Tarakan Island-Cape-Karis toward Bulungan.

After conducting a feasibility study for two weeks in Tarakan and Bulungan, LAPI ITB was more dominant team chose the first alternative of Tarakan Island-Island-Sadau Liago toward Bulungan, as access connecting the two regions.

According to The Center for Water Resources Development, LAPI ITB, Prof. Indratmo Sukarno, the reason for choosing the first alternative, because in an area crossed by access roads that have had a lot of population. For the second alternative, the population is still small.

"With a population of more, of course, have the income benefits of development that is very dominant, so that the construction of these bridges can bring substantial benefits to the development of two regional development," he said. (*)

ITB Target Connector Bridge Feasibility Study Tarakan-Bulungan 8 Months

To complete the feasibility study of a bridge connecting the island of Tarakan through Sadau toward Bulungan, Research and Community Services (LAPI), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) targets for eight months.

"We are targeting 8 months is over, and eventually the end of 2011 the construction of the bridge can be started and 2014 the bridge was completed. But even this also depends on the availability of budget. If the budget is, I believe the 2014 bridge can be used," he said.

As for the concept of bridge construction is planned to be built two lines, namely lines of motorcycles and cars, and track infrastructure such as gas pipelines, electricity networks and water pipelines. It is estimated that funds to build this bridge will cost around Rp 1.3 trillion. (*)

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