Will President Inaugurates State UB So in Jayapura

Tarakan Borneo - Got delayed several times due to administrative constraints, changes in the status of the University of Borneo (UB) Tarakan into state universities be realized.

City Secretary (Sekkot) Tarakan Badrun revealed it had received an invitation containing the schedule of the inauguration of UB penegerian Tarakan with two other universities, namely University Musamus (Merauke) and University of Bangka Belitung (Louth) on 22 November.

"The launch of these three universities as well as associated with the working agenda of the President who made visits to the University Cinderawasih in Jayapura, Papua," said Badrun.

Related inauguration, said Badrun, certainly the president will refer to the regulations, and in it there is no change of name. "In the nomenclature is clear the University Borneo Tarakan," he said.

Even so, connect Badrun, from the management aspect of city government still will refer to the applicable provisions as other state universities. One of them in terms of budget.

"Automatically load from the local government budget goes into the state budget. Insha Allah, 2011, but for the transition period, according to the instructions of the Minister of National Education to oversee the transition of local government continue until the conditions are totally over management can be implemented, "he said.

For fiscal year 2011, local governments are still running will give the budget through the budget to the University of Borneo.

"Do not let the state budget has not been budgeted, while the budget was also not budgeted, because it can cause a vacuum. What is important is not double account. Budgets are expected to continue to back up both the provincial budget and the budgets of the city, "he explained.

Others, of course for the officers, employees, staff, faculty, equipment, assets and so directly and immediately parsed explicitly specified. To be in balance there is separation. "The administration is already taken, but the follow-up will be no formal surrender," he admitted.

At Tarakan itself, at the inauguration conducted in Papua, also will be a ceremonial event.

"Ceremony is being prepared at UB, in the same time when the president inaugurated the University of Cenderawasih, the UB was also conducted simultaneously through teleconferencing events," added Badrun, yesterday. (Ddq)

Source: radartarakan (18 November 2010)
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