Vietnamese delegation to the Tarakan Learn Forestry

TARAKAN Borneo - Tarakan arrival of special guests from Vietman. The group numbering 22 people are intentionally into this city to learn about forestry.

"They also want to know how to get certified. Because the future of Vietnam is eager to be countries that have sustainable forest management, "said Roslin, representatives from the Ministry of Forestry Cooperation for Foreign Affairs.

Basically, Roslin said, the delegation from Vietnam is eager to learn how the City of Tarakan manage forests sustainably. The only company that is PT Intracawood Manufacturing intended as one example that has been certified for forest management.

According to Roslin, certification of forest management is indeed important. The reason, in importing countries like the U.S. and other European countries, strongly in maintaining timber forest products are certified and well managed.

"Now it yet, but for the future will be necessary requirements for certification, that wood is wood that has been received by certified," he said.

Of course, with the aim that the wood supplied is not problematic because developed countries wanted the forest is managed properly. (Ddq)

Source: RadarTarakan (October 20, 2010)
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