Two Months in Karang Anyar Tarakan Water Not Flowing

TARAKAN Borneo - Eight persons resident representative RT 2 and RT 31 Kelurahan Karang Anyar Beach, on Friday (19/11/2010) at 10.00 came to the Tarakan taps located on Jalan Slamet Riyadi. Their arrival to ask for water taps to drain the area. The reason was two months the water taps are not flowing.

Chairman of the RT 2, Ikhsan said, he and his people often tell the phone to the office water taps are not flowing, but there was never any follow-up.

"That's why we come here, so the director taps directly Tarakan hear our complaints. The period was two months of water does not flow at all," he said.

Because of the water taps are not flowing, Ikhsan with its citizens, forced to buy water for Rp 7,000 per drum. "Moreover, these days it does not rain, well we would not want to buy water," he said.

Ikhsan said it wanted to immediately drain the water taps to the settlement residents in RT 2 and RT 31. Because the two areas are adjacent to each other, there are 313 head of the Family (KK) who desperately need clean water.

"We ask the taps, if you can tonight already flowing water, because water in the house is gone and the rain water had run out. If the water will not flow, we will bring more mass to the taps," he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (19 November 2010)
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