Transportation Minister Opens New Facility Juwata Tarakan Airport

Borneo TARAKAN - Minister of Transport (Minister of Transportation) Freddy Numberi inaugurated the three-building facility at Airport Class I Special Juwata Tarakan, on Saturday (23/10/2010). The three buildings consist of a new office building airports, mosque dr H Jusuf SK, and kindergarten (TK) Ekadyasa.

The inauguration was marked by the sound of sirens and the signing of the inscription. Freddy said, with dibangunanya facilities at the airport is expected to Juwata Tarakan Airport management improve service, safety, and aviation safety for the community as users of airport services.

"This facility as a means of support which has an important role in aviation safety and security. Moreover, the new office building is very well reflect the influence of a positive image in society, considering the old airport office building adjacent to an area less sterile flight," he said.

Freddy said, with the building facilities Juwata Tarakan airport in the future can be better in improving the service. "This airport is an access that can go to Tawau, Malaysia. If the operation better, wants access to Tawau to materialize. Of course the government will provide support to realize the second stage of the budget for the construction of this airport," he said.

Source: TribunNews (October 23, 2010)
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