The Grand Mosque of Tarakan Not yet 100 percent finalized, but Make Amazed

TARAKAN Borneo - Thousands of people packed the Grand Mosque Muslim Tarakan Tarakan for Eid al-Adha prayers, yesterday morning (17/11). This is the first time buildings that suck more than Rp 100 billion budget is used.

"The execution of the Grand Mosque of Tarakan this is not 100 percent completed. But, we all hope for our common pride of the mosque is to be done, "said Mayor of Tarakan H Udin Hianggio.

Some residents claimed amazed after seeing the grandeur of nearby Grand Mosque Tarakan. In fact, after a series of Eid al-Adha prayers implementation is complete, self-perpetuating seen a few people and some families with a background mosque highway.

"No never thought it finally had a mosque Tarakan this grand feast," said Dwi, one of the residents.

Still, not a few people complain because the condition of the main mosque floor of a dusty highway. "How likely is not cleaned," said one resident who complained because his trousers get dirty because sitting on the floor.

To note, there are some alternative steps to arrive at the main floor, called the main sacred areas, namely, 2 main staircase on the left and right basement , also a pair of small stairs on the left and right two main staircase was , a pair of stairs to the corridor of the front and a pair of stairs to the back corridors of the mosque. This ladder as a whole connects basement with the main sacred area or main prayer area which has an area of 3840 square meters.

At the front of the main prayer area, the main wall stands firmly multicolour granite which comes from India. This wall was already completed, but there are still other operation that is still running, one of the founding mihrab which covers 14.5 square meters. To the back wall, there are several rooms that are limited by the corridor, including the secretariat takmir measuring 72 meters square in which there is room chairman Tamir, living room, meeting rooms and VIP rooms. In addition, there is also room preparation, space cooperation, space information, finance room, committee room, maintenance room, and the place of ablution. Meanwhile, in the north and south there is space security. The room is almost entirely complete. Only the furniture alone.

Go to the back of the main prayer area, we will find a room that will be used as a first aid room, main plaza south and north, each measuring 317 square meters and 651 meters in front of square on the back. In this section, there are male and female ablution, cafeteria and library plans. Almost all the furniture that is in this place does not exist.

Eid al-Adha prayers IN TENGKAYU I

Meanwhile, Muhammadiyah members in Tarakan salat Eid al-Adha on Tuesday (16/11)
One of the pilgrims, Samsuddin, said he perform Eid al-Adha prayers on Tuesday for following the implementation of the standing at Arafat. "I follow the standard standing at Arafat which was held last Monday (15/11)," said Samsuddin, residents Juata Sea.

The majority of residents who had the feast of Eid al-Adha on Tuesday is Muhammadiyah members. However, based on radar observations, since the morning, not a few citizens who are not members of Muhammadiyah, also celebrated the Eid al-Adha today.
Meanwhile, although the implementation of Eid al-Adha prayers in the port but the activity in the Port Tengkayu I keep running normally as ordinary days.

"Ports are not closed," said one of the main staff of the Port Tengkayu I. (BDS)

Source: radartarakan (18 November 2010)
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