Strive Tarakan PDAM Water Flowing Soon

TARAKAN Borneo - The existence of citizen complaints RT 2 and RT 31 Kelurahan Karang Anyar, which has been two months dialir no water, PDAM Tarakan party promised to seek the immediate water flow in the area.

Plh President Director of PDAM Tarakan, Agus Adnan said the ministry would try as soon as possible to drain the water into a second settlement RT. Although there are several areas that should be sacrificed for a while not dialir water.

"We will try as soon as possible to drain the water both RT. But the impact there are some areas that for the time being forced to not dialir water. Like the Kampung Baru area and Pamusian," he said on Friday (11/19/2010) after receiving the representatives of residents in two RT.

Agus admitted, the cause of the water does not flow in the two RTs, because settlement of two RT is far from the mains, so that needed booster to drain the water. "Looking at this in a long time we will spends Menganti booster and a long pipe with new pipe with larger diameter pipe," he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (19 November 2010)
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