SBSI Tarakan Give USD 30 Million for Disaster Donations

TARAKAN Borneo - As a form of concern for disaster victims, trim, Mentawai, and Wasior, the Indonesian Prosperity Trade Union (SBSI) Tarakan surrender endowment fund of about USD 30 million.

Delivery of donated funds are given symbolically Chairman SBSI Tarakan, Syarifuddin Lopez to Vice Mayor of Tarakan, Suhardjo Trianto, Thursday (11/18/2010) at 15.00 in room Imbaya Office of the Mayor of Tarakan.

Suhardjo who received the funds donated are handed back to the Seketraris help the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Tarakan, Hendi Suhendi to be given directly to victims of disaster.

Chairman SBSI Tarakan, Syarifuddin Lubis said the results of these donations came from community assistance Tarakan. "The funds we collect these donations from the community who help gather our friends in the streets," he said.

Meanwhile Suhardjo thank the help of donor funding that has been given SBSI. "On behalf of private and municipal Tarakan we say thank you. Because this activity is very noble, and will certainly help for disaster victims," he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (18 November 2010)
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