Mayor of Tarakan Street Mulawarman Sedimentation Review

TARAKAN Borneo - Mayor of Tarakan Udin Hianggio with the Head of Sanitation Department Gardening and Cemetery (DKPP) Tarakan, Subono review of sedimentation (pengedapan sand) in the drainage Mulawarman Road, on Thursday (11/18/2010).

When reviewing the field, the number one in Tarakan this view of sedimentation in the drainage of the thickness of the sand has reached 50 centimeters. Sedimentation due to rain here every fall, in this Mulawarman Road experienced flooding up to the sand and debris spilling into the street.

Seeing this state of Udin's request DKPP with relevant agencies, especially the Public Works Department And Spatial (DPUTR) to be able to immediately solve the problems of sedimentation, for pemasalahan flooding in Tarakan can be resolved.

"I have asked to DPUTR to quickly overcome the existing blocks in the drainage, the flooding problem for society's expectations can be quickly resolved," he said.

Meanwhile, the head DKPP Subono said, should be located in drainage sedimentation is every need must always be dredged, so there is no sedimentation that causes flooding. "For every rain down sand and trash spilling onto the street, and of course our officers are always cleaning it," he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (18 November 2010)
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