Mayor of Tarakan Bersilahturahmi to Bulungan

TARAKAN Borneo - In order to strengthen peace and silatuhrahmi and familial relationships, the Mayor of Tarakan Udin Hianggio together elements of officials, including Assistant I Fate, Head Diskominfo Ruslan Arifin, 0907 Dandim Arm Lt Col Andi Kaharuddin Tarakan and police chief of Tarakan AKBP Dharu Siswanto, visit Bulungan on Monday (18 / 10 / 2010).

The arrival of the group the number one in Tarakan is received directly Arifin Budiman Bulungan Regent and Vice Regent Liet Ingai along with several leaders of traditional institutions in the Dayak of Kalimantan hinterland Bulungan.

Coming together Udin Muspida element to Bulungan to bersilatuhrahmi and simultaneously returned the visit that has been done Vice Regent Bulungan Liet Inggai present in reconciling the two parents of students. Because the parents of students who are victims of fights, lives in Bulungan.

"I come here to reply to requests Liet Ingai Vice Regent, because it took time yesterday to give present in efforts to create peace in the town of Tarakan and Bulungan. Aparesiasi I give him high for the pack. For the sidelines of the preoccupations are still taking the time to the Tarakan City, "he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (October 18, 2010)
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